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About Livguard

Livguard is an emerging powerhouse in the energy storage space sector. The company stands for technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability and contemporariness. The team came together yet again with a world of proven talent, delivering breakthrough innovations giving customers a unique competitive edge enabling societies to master their most vital challenges and creating sustainable value via brand LivGuard.

We are an evolving payer in automotive batteries, industrial batteries, motive power, power backup & stabilizers and renewable energy market and offer an extensive range of products for various segments – passenger and commercial vehicles, tractors, two-wheelers, industries, and home.

In a short span, we are ranked as the fastest growing brand in automotive batteries, awarded as 'India's Most Promising Brand 2015 by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) based on product's market acceptance and growth.

To be the torch-bearer of the industry in a rapid innovation era, Livguard has developed rugged batteries with advanced and sustainable technology. These ensure the same performance across extreme weather and temperature conditions, unlike the conventional ones. The batteries are unique since they are completely sealed and require 'zero maintenance' and 'no water top up'. The internal structure is designed using latest technology that provides more power and reserve capacity to the battery making it, reliable, consistent and environmentally friendly.

We are focused towards employing the most advanced control technology available to reduce lead emissions in the air, wastewater and storm water. We are gifted with unique advantages. We have unique brands, premium products, superior marketing assets, global reach and distribution, a healthy balance sheet and, of course, some of the best people in our industry. We also have the right strategy to channelize all this to create real value for our stakeholders.

Let’s join us on the road to success.

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Diverse brand portfolio

We embrace a multi-brand strategy that allows us to tackle opportunities from varied perspectives. This way, our brands and their sub-brands keep their unique identity.

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Investments Focused On Highest Potential Markets

As a Group, we hold a leading market position in the markets we compete. Nevertheless, we still have to pick our battles to reach the top. Thus, our investments are focused towards those markets, which offer the best medium to long-term growth and profitability.

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Strong Distribution Channels

We understand that every market is unique. To fully exploit market opportunities, we tailor our distribution strategy for brand impact and recall. This is achieved via a distinctive and coordinated channel approach.

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Leading through innovation

We believe, 'innovate or die'. We foster a culture of challenging convention and embracing change. And it feels great to work in such an inspiring and forward-looking environment.

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A Sustainable Company

It's our timeless strategy to be an ecologically sensitive organisation in an era of global warming. To be in the business, one needs to be sustainable and our new-age battery is just focused towards that.

Why Us

Global Presence

Global presence in our present and future markets is vital factor of our business strategy.

The intent is to navigate new markets and respond effectively to market needs. This gives us a competitive edge as it enables us to market our product faster and service at a still faster pace. We operate in India, Singapore, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and USA. We also have associates positioned in 35 plus countries helping identify and responding swiftly to new trends and opportunities.

Manufacturing Excellence

Enormous scale extreme efficiency - second largest Industrial battery manufacturer from India.

There might be ways to revolutionise batteries but not in the laboratory. Instead, it’s in the factory floor that helps us achieve enormous scale and extreme efficiency. In the end, we measure our success by our clients’ success.

Our approach to manufacturing excellence is focused on the ‘non-negotiable’ basics of daily manufacturing discipline - How we run. What can we do today to optimize today’s production?

We believe in empowering our employees not for namesake, but involvement directed at improving quality, cost, and customer satisfaction.

A commitment to a vision of excellence and persistent effort over time. We believe in the frugal manufacturing process with the objective of making the life of customers /society convenient and returning to the community for the resources used.

Marketing Strength

'Total market' approach to diverse audiences is something that makes us a leader. We are focused on global audiences moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Reinvented the power backup and inverter market
Producing unique products has been Livguard’s USP. We have been successful in giving a facelift to the highly unorganised power-backup market with our visually appealing and stylishly designed inverters.

Move with speed and be ready to listen to the market needs
We have a flair for understanding the marketing pulse. The constant drive to close the gap between power availability and needs has helped us create markets and in the process, respond to their needs while understanding customers’ satisfaction.

Winning Team

Making it truly happen

One might be smart, but one needs to do a lot of things right with a lot of people coming together to convert an opportunity into a business. We believe in the power of people. Essentially, it's about getting the best of the talent from diverse industries and backgrounds, using their expertise and experience to innovate or what we call the 'adjacent possible'.

Leadership Team

Rakesh Malhotra

Rakesh Malhotra

Founder & Mentor

Rakesh qualified as an engineer and after garnering exposure and experience in the industry...

Navneet Kapoor

Navneet Kapoor

Co-Founder & Chairman

Navneet joined the Group after Rakesh Malhotra, completing his engineering degree and...

Hardeep Bawa

Hardeep Bawa

Senior GM

MBA with 18 years experience in the automotive sector. Has handled leadership roles...

Atul Jalota

Atul Jalota

Group CFO

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Atul Jalota has earlier worked with leading...


Rakesh Malhotra

Restlessness separates the good from the great. This clearly reflects the mindset of Rakesh Malhotra. For, his restlessness with the status quo moves him. Not content with WHAT-IS, he showcases WILL-DO traits resplendent in visionary change-makers. This never-say die attitude brought him to the expressway of entrepreneurship after completing his engineering studies, followed by a brief stint with the industry.

Beginning his stint with Luminous Power Technologies, he coined the success mantra for the group. As the flagship product of the brand, Luminous Power Technologies captured the attention of Schneider Electric and soon the process of handing over an established market leader began, effecting a new era. The brand was sold to Schneider in its entirety, while retaining elements like experiences and readying blueprints for success stories, and more.

Cruising on to many paths, his driving force remains his innovative spirit to always add the x-factor to his products supported by extraordinary services. He journeys into businesses which are supposedly still in the concept stage, so the visionary in him always takes precedence over his marketing side. Rakesh Malhotra has established an India-centric VC fund with an anchor investment of USD 30 million, apart from those in Telecom, Water, Renewable Energy and logistics.

Known for his unique approach towards marketing, he lays down a different plan for different business verticals, which are more industry than market specific. No wonder, he is the silent spectator, an active participator and a prolific mentor to many entrepreneurs.

Navneet Kapoor

Navneet Kapoor earned his engineering degree more than two decades back. He has been with the SAR Group during which he steered the group to many diverse but gainful directions.

He joined Rakesh Malhotra, right after completing his engineering degree and has been one the main pillars of SAR Group for the last 20 years. He handles functional areas like procurement, supply chain, production, project management. He holds key elements in SAR Group's success graph. A man of many parts, he has varied interests and hobbies, as well.

Hardeep Bawa

MBA with 18 years experience in the automotive sector. Has handled leadership roles in Marketing, Sales and Business Development in India and the Asia Pacific-Middle East region. With previous stints at Apollo Tyres and General Motors India, he joined the SAR group in April 2016.

Atul Jalota

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Atul Jalota has earlier worked with leading Indian business houses and a multi-national investment bank, before taking up the charge at SAR Group. With two decades of experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Operations, he has been a co-founder of a software product company in the Telecom Billing Domain. This later grew to over 500 people and revenue of USD 30 Mil within 10 years of inception – and owes its success to Mr. Jalota. He is known for his radical and at the same time philosophical views. In his own unique style, he combines technical professional subjects with philosophy to give a different and clear perspective on several legal areas. He has made presentations at several conferences. He is presently active in spearheading a unique group. Apart from his professional commitments, he is involved in social work from the year. He would like to promote those areas where a lot of social upliftment is required.

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