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At Livguard, we utilize the latest technologies in our batteries. This makes our batteries rugged and durable, and consistent performers across a wide variety of applications.

Hybrid Alloy Technology

For Dry Charged batteries, we offer “Hybrid Alloy technology”. Hybrid Alloy technology Batteries have very good Cycling ability and are low in maintenance. Good cycling ability means the charge acceptance after deep discharge is very good over repeated cycles, which is ideally suited for hot conditions because of the specific driving practice and life style.

Full Framed Grid Design Technology

Our Full Frame Grid Technology produces patterned and fully framed grids via our indigenous manufacturing process. Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grids, Livguard batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow, meanwhile preventing grid and ensuring low electrical resistance. The Full Frame manufacturing process uses 20% less energy and releases 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to other manufacturing methods.

Experimented gel formulation

Utilizing an Experimented gel formulation, Livguard’s deep-cycle gel batteries provide longer cycle life than other gel technologies in heavy-duty applications, making them the best in class. Our deep-cycle gel batteries are rugged and durable, delivering consistent performance, offering a versatile alternative for use in applications requiring sealed batteries.

Lead Acid - VRLA - AGM

Livguard products are valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries made with absorbed glass mat (AGM). VRLA-AGM type is a recombinant battery. Here, the oxygen evolved at the positive plates recombine with the hydrogen generated at negative plates creating water and preventing water loss. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries absorb the electrolyte in a fiber-glass mat separator.

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